Homeland Security & Intelligence

Our experience allow us to develop global solutions, integrating security surveillance capabilities, control programs and management systems and intelligence information. All supported by the latest technology and a proven team of professionals. 

Land borders, sea ports, airports and ground transportation    


People, products y services 

Design, develop an operation center to include


Incident response, management and command
Fusing of information Information sharing and analysis
 Vulnerability and situational awareness
 Real time communication
 Imagery capability
 Emergency and disaster operations
 Information tracking and management

Critical Infrastructure

The experience SEKURA brings to the table includes a thorough knowledge of passenger and baggage control, perimeter security and cargo screening. Additionally, a thorough understanding of international rules and regulations, to ensure securing of critical infrastructure as a whole.

Infrastructure Assessments
Perimeter security
Passenger, cargo and baggage screening
Transportation procedures and processes for aviation, ports and maritime
Supply chain security assessment
Security assets
Staffing needs
Implementation of international guidelines for ports, airports and ground transportation
Implementation of customs and border procedures and processes

Design and Implementation of Multiple Layers of Security
Electronic surveillance systems
Behavior detection and recognition
X-Ray and screening equipment
Passenger and employee vigilance
Physical screening by security personnel
Baggage and container screening
Document screening
Post screening procedures

Emergency Response

We have the knowledge and experience to evaluate your organization and ensure that you are prepared for emergencies, by improving the ability to respond to crisis situations, minimizing negative impact on personal safety, health issues or the environment . Most importantly, emergency management planning requires continuous process improvement.

Analyze current capabilities and procedures    

Emergency and Disaster Response

Planning, mitigation, prevention strategies and training
Asset and resource management
Multiple agency coordination and cooperation

Examine national security measures

Diplomacy and alley involvement
Maintenance of an effective military
Implementation of civil defense and emergency preparedness measures
Ensure protection of critical infrastructure
Utilize intelligence services to detect and defeat threats
Counterintelligence for internal threat protection                                                     

Major Event Management

Host nations and organizers of summits, conventions and sporting events worldwide face huge logistical and political challenges as well as the threat of terrorism and mass protests. SEkURA has unrivaled experience directing large-scale events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, Heads of State Summits, General Assembly of the United Nations, amongst others

Establishment of command and control structure
Establishment of command and communication center
Asset inventory and deployment strategies
Assessment of events
Number of anticipated participants and duration
Anticipated publicity
Assessment of potential threats
Food and water contamination
Facility or structure
Analysis and implementation of security measures and countermeasures
Interagency coordination and interoperability of communications
Identification and credentialing
Explosive detection measures
Technical security countermeasures
Perimeter security measures
Interior security measures
Public screening measures
Vehicle screening measures
Staffing and personnel placement
Electronic surveillance
Control of airspace

VIP Protection

SEkURA has operational experience and practice in each of the areas necessary to assess and manage every client’s security. SEkURA is meticulous in every aspect of the operation, whether for a government, corporation or institution.


Analysis of the organization’s exposure to internal and external threats

Synthesize assets to provide an effective prevention and recovery strategy

Personal Protection

Advance teams
Intelligence gathering
Selection of personnel and backgroound investigations
Scheduling procedures
Movement procedures
Protective methodology
Evacuation plans
Transportation design and equipment
Trauma care
Relocation/ safe sites
Protection of family members
Communications and alternate communications
Food and water protocol
Hardened facilities
Route selection
Emergency and crisis protocols






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