Cybercrime does not stop evolution, adapting the new life in a dizzying way. In the past, hacking was a challenge, there were places where young people exchanged ideas and learned by sharing information. Today, it is a profitable business run by authentic criminal organizations, which have the most sophisticated technologies.

Our goal, secure your organization so that the strategy is aligned with the business, improves competitiveness and detects threats. In summary, assist those responsible for security in their work as risk managers.

Confronting cyber threats is no longer just a matter for the IT department, it requires the involvement of the entire organization. APEIROO is specialized in providing services and solutions in the field of Information and Communication Security, as well as preparing the best professionals.


Internal/external black box and white box cybersecurity reviews are carried out on IT infrastructures, network devices, PCs, databases, web (including source code) or applications in the cloud.


Evaluation of the level of risk in the mobility environments of the organization, carrying out audits that include all mobile devices, that is, tablets, smartphones, smartwatches, digital agendas, digital video cameras, smart cards, etc.


Wireless networks, proximity, insecure protocol identifications and not authorized access.


Our team of experts will use techniques, tactics, and procedures identical to those used by real attackers, in order to evaluate the real situation in which your company finds. Knowing where we are is the first step to establish a correct cybersecurity strategy.


It will include both the policies and configurations as well as the services and devices of the computing platform. It is a preliminary and essential step in securing any computing environment regardless of its size.


Hacking test in any device that has a chip and you want to analyze for vulnerabilities, we are your team.


We will test the maturity level of your employees in terms of cybersecurity, while assessing the overall awareness of the organization. All types of roles and profiles of typical employees will be included in the scope.