The evolution of new technologies and their use causes new relationships and communication channels to be established between organizations, people and administrations.


  • Information is the main asset.
  • Lack of knowledge of the real risk on the part of organizations and society.
  • People are still the weakest link.
  • Most incidents started internally.
  • The risks increase in times of crisis like the present one.
  • Professionalization of cybercrime


Understand what is happening beyond the borders of your business in order to be as competitive as possible, anticipating changes and responding to new challenges that arise every day.


Our services will allow you to capture, select, analyze, disseminate and communicate key information of your own organization that is publicly accessible in order to turn it into knowledge to make decisions while minimizing risk.


The investigations are carried out based on a proprietary methodology and technologies. Years of experience will guarantee you a professional, discreet, rigorous and efficient work, adjusted 100% to your needs.


We are here to solve your problems, even when it is necessary to create a new solution. Our team of engineers, technicians and researchers are ready to develop a strategy tailored to your needs and requirements. The approach to the solution is highly flexible, growing and adapting as needs change over time.


Access to public / private sources of information allow us to determine which assets are owned by a natural or legal person, at any given time. The concealment and the lifting of assets, simulated sales, participation in public limited companies and all the networks and chains of companies that hide assets are detected.


Preparation of high value-added reports for the Buyer or Seller in order to assess the risks and contingencies of the company object of the sale (or its assets). Analysis and search for information in hidden sources are included that identify risks that could affect their willingness to acquire / sell the company, its price, as well as the conditions of the contract.


We have proprietary technologies that index and analyze information from hundreds of thousands of databases that allow us to obtain default settings, access to blogs, public / private forums, IP addresses, social networks, names, emails, technologies associated with the infrastructure that is storing the data, history of vulnerabilities …


It is never too late to understand what is happening in your company’s infrastructure or even if your personal equipment (phones, tablets, laptops…) are compromised. Our experts will examine the systems and identify the immediate solutions to be implemented, as well as design an action plan that prevents this type of situation from recurring.


We will design exclusively for you a set of actions focused to preventing, detecting and enabling the neutralization of those activities of third parties that could put you at risk. 24/7 support, delivering periodic follow-up reports and updating part or all of it, if necessary, according to personal or company requirements and needs.